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Statement - Regional Victorians given Labor’s cold shoulder with familiar snub

Regional Victorians given Labor’s cold shoulder with familiar snub

James Newbury, Manager of Opposition Business

8 February 2023.

The Andrews Labor Government has voted down a motion that would have brought both houses of Parliament back regional Victoria for the first time in more than a decade.

Holding regular sittings away from Spring Street provides an important opportunity for regional communities to bring the issues affecting their area to light, and for residents to learn more about the democratic process by seeing their Parliament in action.

Daniel Andrews hasn’t held a regional sitting for both the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council since coming into government in 2014.

By hearing directly from regional communities, Members of Parliament, particularly those representing metropolitan areas, are given a wider understanding to develop key policy and programs.

The Legislative Council has previously held sittings in Ballarat, Benalla, Colac, Lakes Entrance, Bendigo and Bright. Regional Victoria has a strong voice and it is about time Parliament is brought back to hear it firsthand.

Member for Brighton and Manager of Opposition Business, James Newbury, said that bringing Parliament back to the regions was an important step after a challenging period.

“You can’t fix the challenges regional Victoria faces from behind a desk in Spring Street, you have to get out there and see it firsthand,” Mr Newbury said.

“After battling devastating floods, border closures and lockdowns, regional Victorians deserve a government that respects them, not one that refuses to hear directly from them.”

“The Liberals and Nationals will continue the fight to bring Parliament back.”

James Newbury, Manager of Opposition Business