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Statement - Louise Asher's Intention To Retire

Statement – Louise Asher’s Intention To Retire.

11 August 2016.

Our local Member of Parliament and friend, Louise Asher, has announced that she intends to retire from Parliament at the 2018 State Election, having then served for twenty six years.

On announcing her intention, Louise said that it is time for generational change and to create an opportunity for a younger, new Member for Brighton.

I want to extend to Louise our appreciation for her profound service – both as our local Member and as a friend to so many in our Brighton community.

As a long standing Parliamentary representative and as a member of the Liberal Party for forty years – Louise is a giant.

In public life, Louise has shown an unwavering commitment to public service and a profound respect for the values upon which our great Party was founded.

On entering Parliament in 1992, Louise identified the political failure of matching rhetoric with action on issues that demand human and political compassion. Louise succinctly put that sound economic management must take place to benefit people. This view shaped how Louise developed public policy throughout her career.

As a Parliamentary Member, Louise held the Deputy Leadership for eleven and a half years and was on the front bench for eighteen. One of her key achievements was that Louise also shared her knowledge, as a mentor and as a friend, to so many of her Parliamentary colleagues. As the dynamics and character of politics have changed in recent decades, Louise has been a constant, an anchor and the wisest of wise counsel for the Liberal Party.

In 1992 as a new Member, Louise confessed that she felt that she had taken more from the Liberal Party than she had contributed to it. Reflecting on her distinguished career since, I profoundly thank Louise and acknowledge her unparalleled contribution to our Brighton community, our beloved Party, and our great State.