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Statement - Brighton Declaration

Statement – Brighton Declaration.

5 December 2018.

Thank you to Brighton, Brighton East, Elwood, and Hampton for electing me to be your voice in the Victorian Parliament.

Brighton is the only 1856 electorate that has not been held by the Australian Labor Party. On Election Day, you delivered the strongest possible message. You will not be taken for granted. You have demanded change. You have demanded a modern Liberal Party. And, I have heard you.

I want to listen to your views on how the Liberal Party can change and better represent your interests and concerns. Part of that change must be to offer policy that consistently has depth and is contemporary. I will be a voice advocating for that change.

My decision to stand for election as a Liberal candidate was based on my strong belief that, at its best, the Liberal Party has delivered for Australians better than any other party.

You want a Party that has a vision for the future and a Party that is representative of modern Victoria. You also want a Party that will hold Labor, who now have unprecedented power, to account.

I love my community. It is a village that has a unique natural environment, which must be protected. To remain a village, and to retain our way of life, we must also take a tougher stance against inappropriate development.

This community has also said that our services and infrastructure are out of date, but that their maintenance has been ignored because Brighton has been viewed as a blue ribbon seat. I will argue passionately for taxpayer funds to be invested based on need.

My fellow neighbours, I have heard you. I commit to making sure that my Party and the Parliament hear you too. Thank you for electing me to be your voice.