In Parliament

Point of Order - Green Behaviour



Thursday, 30 November 2023.

Gabrielle DE VIETRI (Richmond) (09:39): I desire to move, by leave:

That this house calls for:

(a) an end to the indiscriminate bombing of Palestinian people;

(b) an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine; and

(c) the Victorian government to end military, economic, political and diplomatic ties with the Israeli government until it complies with its obligations under international law.

Leave refused.

James Newbury: On a point of order, Speaker, in the last sitting week I raised concerns about the House and the Council being shut down and the involvement of one Member.

I understand from advice from Department officers that an investigation has been underway into whether Members of this place have signed in people in relation to those protests.

Firstly, I would appreciate an update on whether Members were involved, and secondly, I am deeply concerned that we are now having behaviour coming from Members of this place that is outrageous. It is causing deep distress.

People have come to this country to seek friendship after their families have been killed and members of their family have been held hostage, and there are Members of this place who have caused them distress. It is absolutely outrageous, and in my view it incited the behaviour that occurred last night, where those people were blocked from getting into their hotel rooms.

I beseech you. I do not want this to be political. We are willing to work with the Government on whatever it takes to take action, because we cannot allow this behaviour to occur in this Parliament.

Please, we must do something. We cannot allow the behaviour that is occurring in this place to occur – to turn our backs on people who have come to this country seeking friendship.

The SPEAKER: On the point of order, Manager of Opposition Business, no complaints have come across my desk in relation to the matters that you have raised. Therefore, it is not a matter for the Speaker at this point, it is a matter for the House.