In Parliament

Members Statement - Shane Warne



Wednesday, 9 March 2022.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (9:52):

Shane Warne was one of the greatest cricketers that ever lived.

When he bowled he delivered magic, and he was an icon whose story and achievements will live through the ages, but that was not the Shane Warne we saw in Brighton.

You did not have to talk to Shane for long before feeling the love he had for his kids, Brooke, Jackson and Summer. As he said, ‘… being a decent dad is the biggest achievement, it’s what life is all about’.

In Brighton that is the Shane we saw, but we also saw his support for kids far beyond his front fence.

During its operation the Shane Warne charitable foundation donated over $4 million to six young people. Its last donation of $340,000 went to Will Murray, a young bayside boy who became a quadriplegic after a tragic accident.

Bayside’s local sporting clubs saw that side of Shane too. He would often get out and train with local clubs, helping young kids learn sport.

The other thing you could see in Shane in spades was his unwillingness to conform, his big laugh and his permanent smile. Put simply, as only Aussies would say, Shane was a top bloke who had no tickets on himself.

Brighton is broken-hearted to have lost Shane so young. He and his family are loved in my community.

As Shane once said, Brighton was his patch. On behalf of my community, he was part of our patch and we will miss him.

Rest in peace, legend.