In Parliament

Members Statement - Nepean Highway Noise Barriers


Thursday, 3 September 2020

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton):

Despite constituents calling on the State Government to install proper noise mitigation barriers along the Brighton side of Nepean Highway, the Government has refused initial requests to fund and install these barriers.

As Robyn recently wrote to me: ‘The old wooden fencing is inadequate and very outdated’, or as Sonia said: ‘The traffic can be heard by throughout our house day and night, loudly. We believe the current regular fence is grossly inadequate, it seemingly provides no noise protection whatsoever. Not only is there growing amount of traffic on the highway but the fencing is rotted & it is falling down in parts’.

My whole community knows that the current wooden barriers are aged and provide little protection from loud traffic noise from this significant arterial road.

My community also knows that this State Labor Government ignores our local needs.