In Parliament

Members Statement - Local Grocer Crimes



Thursday, 20 June 2024.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (9:48):

On Saturday afternoon four southern local grocers, including Dockendorff’s in Cochrane Street, Brighton, were violently robbed.

The criminals attacked violently and monstered young workers. Only one of the suspected four offenders has been arrested. Lincoln Wymer, Chief Operating Officer of the Reddrop Group said:

The violence and terror our staff were subjected to on Saturday highlights our industries concerns with youth crime in Victoria. These youth are targeting young staff, and mum and dad operators, who are seen to be easy targets … We are just trying to do our jobs and service our communities. We strongly advocate for state government reforms to bail laws…

Bayside is scared. And we are also angry because we know that Jacinta Allan is ignoring these crimes and refusing to toughen the law.