In Parliament

Members Statement - Ken Hawkins



Tuesday, 14 May 2024.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (10:39):

Kenneth Francis Hawkins was a good man. He was a gentleman. That is why he stood out. He was sparing with his words, but what set him apart was that he found wisdom in every word that he spared.

Ken was a devoted family man from the moment he met Jean Louisa May Gardiner. Sixty-five years ago, Ken met Jean. They both lived in the small town of Penguin, on the north-west coast of Tasmania. Their families were neighbours – Ken lived over Jean’s back fence. They would marry, have two sons, move to the mainland, start a lifelong successful business, Caravan Court, and see  six grandchildren born.

Ken was at peace when he passed, with Jean by his side holding his hand.

Vale, Ken Hawkins.