In Parliament

Members Statement - Hampton Primary School


Tuesday 19 February, 2019.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (13:48):

I rise to congratulate this year’s school leaders at Hampton Primary School. As a new Member of Parliament one of the greatest joys I have had was to meet the 30 new student leaders at Hampton Primary School as they were presented with their leadership badges. What impressed me was not just the 30 that were awarded a leadership role but the 30 more children that put up their hand for a leadership position. I congratulate the new leaders and those other children who bravely put up their hand.

Hampton primary is a special school located in the heart of Hampton. Like Hampton itself, the school’s population has grown dramatically. It has roughly doubled in size over the last decade. There are now over 700 students. That growth has mean the school’s infrastructure does need improvement. With an outdated gym that only seats 200 students, the school has developed a plan to build a multipurpose netball facility that can serve as a sporting hub, a school meeting place and a facility for the broader community to use. I commend the school, led by principal Sue Knight, on their vision. I intend to encourage the government to recognise that vision and invest in the school’s future needs.

Finally, I would encourage all members of this place and my whole community to join me at Hampton Primary School’s twilight carnival on Friday, 1 March.