In Parliament

Members Statement - Gardenvale Primary School


Tuesday, 30 April 2019.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (17:17):

Gardenvale Primary School is a special school that is uniquely set across two campuses in the same Brighton East Street. Led by Principal Janine Hall and Assistant Principal Julie Pitts, the school represents what is best about our education system and what can be achieved for our children.

The school are frontrunners at teaching our children about environmental leadership. The school have implemented community rubbish clean-ups that they call ‘emu bobs’, they encourage a zero-waste approach and have removed bins from the playground, and they encourage children to bring reusable containers for canteen lunches.

At a recent school assembly that I attended we learned that two children had been so disturbed by beach litter that they spent their holiday cleaning.

I congratulate the school on its environmental leadership.