In Parliament

Members Statement - Brighton Home Invasions



Thursday, 26 May 2022.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (9:47):

Enough is enough.

My community not only deserve to feel safe in their homes, they deserve to be safe in their homes.

Brighton has been victim to repeated terrorising home invasions this year.

Earlier this week a gang of seven invaded a home in Yuille Street, Brighton, and later in the night a home in Chelsea Street, Brighton.

The gang was armed with kitchen and flick knives.

In Yuille Street an 83-year-old homeowner was forced to defend himself and chased the gang out of his house as they attempted to steal his car.

The gang then targeted a home in Chelsea Street before the police were called by neighbours.

The gang tried to flee the scene before crashing their getaway car into a tree. The vehicle the gang was driving was reported as stolen during a home invasion last week.

My community has been repeatedly targeted by home-invading gangs.

This year alone the Brighton community has been victim to similar crimes in Bay Street, Downes Avenue, Elwood Street, Martin Street and Sussex Street.

All these terrifying crimes have occurred within one large block of Brighton.

How many violent crimes have to occur in Brighton before Labor stops ignoring my community?

Local residents across Brighton should not have to go to bed knowing that their surrounding streets have been victim to terrorising crimes over recent months.

The State Labor Government cannot keep ignoring my community.

Enough is enough.