In Parliament

Members Statement - Brighton Cricket Club



Tuesday, 7 March 2023.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (13:04):

The Brighton Cricket Club, one of Australia’s oldest cricket clubs, has celebrated their 180th birthday, the November anniversary marking their first match against Melbourne Cricket Club in 1842, a time when Brighton only had 300 residents.

In 1887 the Club moved to Brighton Beach Oval, which has been their home since.

There is no doubt that our Club, the Tonners, have touched the lives of tens of thousands of people in the broader Victorian community. It is a much-loved community club that is embedded in the fabric of Brighton.

Given their role in the community, Bayside council should bring forward their long overdue plans to redevelop the Club’s decades-old change rooms.

Thank you to Bernie Mutimer, Club President, and the generations of Club members for their special commitment to cricket and Brighton.