In Parliament

Members Statement - Brighton Beach Primary School


Monday 27 May, 2019. 

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (14:22):

Brighton Beach Primary School is a historic school in my community. It was opened in April 1878 as an orphanage.

After receiving a sweet email from students Madi and Cerys I recently joined a school assembly. The two girls had written because they wanted a Torres Strait Islander flag to fly because, in their words, ‘We wanted to show that we are inclusive of all Australians and cultures’.

At the assembly I presented the flag and congratulated the winners of a recent spelling bee competition.

I was most impressed by the school leadership program, which allows the children to develop action plans that encourage communication and friendship. Leaders take active roles, like becoming yard peacemakers and promoting engagement at a designated friendship tree. The leaders  will  then  work  to  take  their  plans  to  the  wider  Bayside  community.

I want to congratulate Principal Beverly May and Assistant Principal Kim Ancrum for their positive leadership of the school.