In Parliament

Members Statement - Bastion Insights Survey



Wednesday, 6 October 2021.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton):

Is there any wonder that Victorians think the economic cost of lockdowns outweighs the risks of the coronavirus?

A recent Bastion Insights survey has shown that 49 per cent of Victorians believe the cost outweighs risk, 21 per cent were undecided and only one-third disagreed.

Additionally, only 41 per cent of Victorians support the State Government’s virus response.

The Premier gets up on a platform every day and hectors people and blames people.

When you yell at people every day, it’s hardly surprising that they stop listening.

When you impose restrictions that are stupid, people will stop listening.

That’s what this survey is showing, and it’s time for the Premier to open his tin ear and start listening to Victorians.