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Joint Statement - Saving Mount Eliza's reservoir as a public wetlands

Joint Statement – Saving Mount Eliza’s reservoir as a public wetlands

James Newbury, Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change

Chris Crewther, Liberal Candidate for Mornington

3 October 2022.

A Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will save the decommissioned Kunyung Road reservoir in Mount Eliza, keeping it in public hands and turning it into a vibrant local wetlands and reserve.

Unless acted upon immediately, the local habitat on Kunyung Road, home to many native birds and animals, could be at risk of being lost to private development.

The Liberals and Nationals will retain the reservoir in public hands and deliver $1 million to rehabilitate the wetlands.

Without urgent action, the decommissioned South East Water reservoir could be at risk through urban development, given the process commenced by the State Labor Government that could soon lead to its private sale.

The funding will create an opportunity to enable a permanent protected environmental and wildlife reserve that can be environmentally rehabilitated, maintained on an ongoing basis, and used by the public.

In addition to keeping a thriving habitat alive, the area could be enhanced for visitors through the development of public access tracks.

Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, James Newbury, said the Liberals would step in and protect the area.

“Projects such as this make sense, and without our help, this precious local habitat could be lost forever,” Mr Newbury said.

“By keeping this land in public hands, we can turn the entire precinct into an area to be proud of, while keeping safe the many species of bird and animals that call this place home.”

Liberal Candidate for Mornington, Chris Crewther, said he was proud to have advocated for years with local environmental groups, such as Mount Eliza’s South Eastern Centre for Sustainability, to protect this site and make this commitment a reality.

“This is an important issue on the Mornington Peninsula. A few years ago I also intervened to prevent the site being put up for private sale, and it is fantastic that the Liberals will now support these much-needed measures to ensure the wetlands can thrive for years to come,” Mr Crewther said.

“This site has the potential to be a place locals can be truly proud of and enjoy, and I am excited to be part of a Liberal team that will deliver just that.”

Chris Crewther, Liberal Candidate for Mornington

James Newbury, Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change