School Services

James can often be heard saying that he finds visiting the many schools and kindergartens in his community one of the best parts of being a Member of Parliament.

Our community is fortunate to have so many exceptional primary and secondary schools, and James will always advocate on their behalf.

James can help by:

  • Meeting with Local Schools;
  • Advocating on Your Behalf;
  • Presenting Flags; or
  • Organising a School Tour of Parliament House.

If you would like James to help you, please get in touch.

Meeting with Local Schools.

As your local Member of Parliament, James is always honoured to visit local schools and kindergartens. He often attends presentations, assemblies, or student-run forums. James will always want to be part of your event and encourages you to let him know when your event is planned. To ensure availability, please let James know about your event, as early as possible.

Advocating on Your Behalf.

Our community is fortunate to have so many exceptional primary and secondary schools. However, one of the biggest issues for our community is that our services and infrastructure are out of date and need attention. James has a track record of being a voice for the needs of local schools. He always prioritizes the needs of local schools and encourages the community to let him know about issues of concern.

Presenting Flags.

As your Member of Parliament, James can provide flags to schools and kindergartens. Flags are an important symbol that have specific meanings. A flag presentation is often a way to start a conversation, especially with young people, about those symbols and meaning. To find out if you are eligible to receive a flag, please get in touch.

School Tour of Parliament House

The Victorian Parliament is a historic landmark. Built in 1856, the Parliament is a must visit icon for Victorian school children. The Parliament offers informative tours of the building that both teach children about our rich democratic history but, when Parliament is not sitting, also allow children to sit in the Parliament itself. You can find out more about school tours here.