Constituent Services

James wants to help his local community, that’s why he put his hand up to represent you and be your voice.

James can help by:

  • Making a Representation to Government on your behalf;
  • Attending an Event;
  • Presenting Flags;
  • Lodging a Petition in Parliament; or
  • Organising a Message of Congratulations, a Happy Birthday or the Commemoration of a Significant Day.

If you would like James to help you, please get in touch.

Representation to Government.

James has been elected to be your voice. As your voice, James can make a representation to a Minister, speak about an issue in Parliament, or publicly advocate on your behalf. The first step will often be to meet or speak with James so that he can hear your story. If you have an issue that you would like James to help with, please get in touch.

Attending an Event.

We live in an active community. Our community is engaged and busy. As your representative, James loves joining you and being part of those activities. James will always want to be part of your event and encourages you to let him know when your event is planned. To ensure availability, please let James know about your event as early as possible.

Presentation of Flags.

As your Member of Parliament, James can provide flags to schools, youth groups, churches and community organisations. Flags are an important symbol that have specific meanings. A flag presentation is often a way to start a conversation, especially with young people, about those symbols and meaning. To find out if you are eligible to receive a flag, please get in touch.

Lodging a Petition in Parliament.

Petitions are an important way for the community to express its’ view on an issue. As your Parliamentary representative, James can table that petition in Parliament on your behalf. The Parliament sets particular rules around the format of a petition, including that: it must addressed to the Legislative Assembly of Victoria; it must include a brief reason; and signatures must be numbered on each page. More information on how to design a petition can be found here.

Message of Congratulations, Birthday or Commemoration.

James is happy to acknowledge significant events and days, should you wish him to provide a personal commemoration. Additionally, Australians who are celebrating a milestone birthday or wedding anniversary can receive personal congratulations from the Premier of Victoria, the Governor of Victoria, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Governor-General of Australia, or the Queen. Where appropriate, a request will be duplicated for you so that you will only have to make one application.

Please visit the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s website here to find out whether you are eligible to receive a congratulatory message from the Premier, Governor, Prime Minister, Governor-General, or the Queen. Remember, even if you are not eligible, James may be happy to acknowledge your significant event.