In Parliament

Constituency Question - Supervised Injecting Room


Tuesday, 18 June 2019.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (12:53):

My constituency question is to the Premier.

I ask the Premier whether it is government policy to block Members of Parliament from joining public tours of the medically supervised injecting room at the North Richmond Community Health Centre.

For some time  I  have  suspected  that  the  government  may  open  a  second  injecting  room  on  the  edge  of  my electorate or in St Kilda. Such a centre would have an immediate and direct impact on my community.

For that reason I recently sought to join a public tour of the North Richmond centre.

Disappointingly, the centre advised me in writing that Minister Foley had instructed that the Minister must personally approve any Member of Parliament joining a public tour.

I would appreciate the Premier informing me whether Minister Foley’s totalitarian approach of impeding Members of Parliament from joining public tours is government policy.

And, Speaker, I seek leave to table the written confirmation from North Richmond Community Health Centre that Minister Foley has blocked MP access to the centre.

The SPEAKER: The member can make that document available to the house.