In Parliament

Constituency Question - Railway Line Noise



Wednesday, 11 May 2022.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (14:43):

The State Labor Government refuses to invest a cent in my community.

Despite investment along other train lines, the State Government has treated the Sandringham line like a leper.

One of the troubling issues for residents living nearby to the line is the impact of train noise on neighbours’ amenity.

Sandi, who lives near Hampton station, has said:

The horns are a huge health hazard, the interrupt sleep, communication and add to anxiety …

Linda, who lives near Brighton Beach station, has said:

… the noise has become louder, more frequent and higher pitched and living here has become unbearable.

Amanda, who lives near Middle Brighton station, has said:

Train horns now reach over 100 decibels. This has significantly and detrimentally impacted our health and well-being …

And Julian, who lives near North Brighton station, has said:

This is extremely upsetting and stressful to us which live close to the railway line.

My constituency question is to the Minister for Public Transport, and I ask: is the State Labor Government planning to help my community with train noise or keepignoring it?