In Parliament

Constituency Question - Planning


Thursday, 4 June 2020

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (11:52):

My constituency question is to the Minister for Planning, and I ask: can the minister inform me whether State Government intends to introduce mandatory height limits in any of the major activity centres in the Brighton electorate?

Mandatory height limits ensure that the community, council and developers know where the goalposts are. Clear limits restrict development that is not in line with the character of a community.

Overdevelopment is a real concern for my community. Hampton was identified by the government as a hotspot for densification, the edges of the Brighton activity centres have become a hive of construction and three-storey concrete walls are being built across Elwood.

In Bay Street, Brighton, developers are proposing to build a five-storey apartment block at the old Wild Holly site despite the height preference for the area being much lower.

Labor has an approach to planning that actively packs people in like never before, but this Labor Government has refused to invest in improving infrastructure in those targeted communities like mine.

I look forward to the Minister’s response.