In Parliament

Constituency Question - Elster Creek Canal Petition



Thursday 21 March 2024.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (14:48):

My constituency question is to the Premier: when will the State Labor Government start to genuinely address the environmental issues in the Elster Creek canal and catchment area in my community?

The Elster Creek canal and catchment run like an artery through my community. It deserves to be protected from plastic, litter and toxins.

Over recent years we have seen works begin in Elwood to help mitigate flooding at the Yalukit Willam wetlands.

The once vibrant Elster Creek canal catchment area in Port Phillip Bay deserves an immediate remedy to the growing volume of plastic and polystyrene litter causing harm to wildlife and humans.

Almost 800 residents in my community in recent weeks have signed a petition calling on the State Government, in partnership with surrounding councils, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria and interested groups in the community to find solutions to eliminate rubbish.

As part of the State Government taking a leadership role, the community has also called on the Minister for Water to personally receive a copy of the completed petition.