In Parliament

Constituency Question - Caitlin Houston



Wednesday, 29 May 2024.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (14:46):

My question is to the Premier, and I ask: how can my constituent Caitlin Houston access the support she deserves?

At 5:20 on 18 September 2023 Caitlin disembarked at tram stop 41 along route 67 onto an unparallel pavement which exceeded the allowable variance.

She fell because of the condition of the tram stop.

This fall led to Ms Houston incurring medical expenses and costs of roughly $5000, not including ancillary pain and suffering.

A secondary injury then occurred, and she made a claim to Yarra Trams, who have stalled, delayed and obfuscated their responsibility, eventually finding that:

… Yarra Trams advises that there is insufficient information to substantiate any liability of Yarra Trams and deny your claim.

Their determination includes a statement that it was raining at the time, despite the Bureau of Meteorology stating that it did not rain at all that day.

Caitlin is not asking for much. This is about Yarra Trams admitting to the injury, and after eight months they still have not. They have given the family the run-around.

Caitlin and the Houston family deserve better.