In Parliament

Constituency Question - Brighton School Funding



Tuesday, 24 May 2022.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (14:43):

My constituency question is to the Minister for Education, and I ask: has the Minister reviewed why the State Labor Government is awarding schools in non- Labor metropolitan electorates substantially less school funding than those in Labor electorates?

The Budget overview openly boasts that Labor is neglecting children in non-Labor electorates.

The overview states that of the 13 new metro school constructions, 85 per cent are in Labor electorates; 82 per cent of the 22 school upgrades are in Labor electorates; and 82 per cent of the metro special school upgrades are in Labor electorates.

We also know that in the budget last year 80 per cent of the 35 metro school upgrades went to Labor electorates and 85 per cent of the 78 metro school upgrades announced in November 2020 went to Labor electorates.

The statistics are more than just facts; they show that Labor is treating kids differently if they live in Labor-voting electorates.

If the Minister had any honour, which he does not, he would review his own funding approvals.