In Parliament

Constituency Question - Brighton Bathing Boxes


Wednesday 28 August. 2019.

Mr NEWBURY (Brighton) (11:50):

My question is to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

With the public consultation process for the Draft Marine and Coastal Policy recently closing, I ask the Minister whether the government will immediately confirm that it has amended its policy, which called for the removal of bathing boxes from the Brighton foreshore.

The Brighton bathing boxes have been a feature of our foreshore for almost 150 years. Since the policy was released thousands of people have contacted me and called on the government to stop the removal of these much-loved icons.

Indeed not only are the bathing boxes internationally recognised, but the Dendy Street Beach site is also listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The boxes are a major tourist attraction for this state, and their removal would be akin to scrapping the penguin parade at Phillip Island. It is absurd to think the government has released a policy which encourages the removal of these iconic boxes.

I look forward to the minister’s response.